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Affordable suport for e-commerce businesses and start ups

Starting my own ecommerce business has changed my life. I can work from home, around my family, yet still bring in an income.  

During this time I've looked at getting expert help - whether from joining a course or paying a freelancer and always found it to be way out of my budget. Or, often, the courses are run by people running million-dollar businesses - which seems so far away from where I am now.  

My goal has always been to help others who want to launch their own business. I now offer freelance services, at a fair price, with courses coming soon.  

If you'd like to start (or have already started) your own e-commerce business, or have a product idea, but no idea how to make it a reality, email me at, or book in a FREE 15 minute consultation call, below. 

I would LOVE to help you.  

You can also find plenty of FREE resources on my blog

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"Vicki has been helping me and I can't recommend her highly enough. She's supportive, encouraging and very generous with her time. She speaks to me on a level that I can understand, but she never patronises. Plus she's full of good ideas. I feel that I've done the best I can do to make my product succeed by working with Vicki. Thank you so much!" 

- Alex - a happy customer -